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We are dedicated professionals in tech with decades of experience in building digital products.

Victor Gane portrait

Victor Gane, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Building on a diverse academic and professional career spanning design, engineering, and entrepreneurship, Victor brings a unique combination of industry-agnostic skills and an ability to motivate teams to rapidly develop quality products and services. He is passionate about developing foundational solutions that can be applied across multiple industries.

Before founding Remedly, Victor pursued his PhD at Stanford. His research focused on process optimization was widely published and featured at GoogleX – the research arm of Google that develops radical new technologies to solve some of the world’s hardest problems. Prior to Stanford, Victor led the design of several award-winning international projects, including Cayan tower in Dubai. He was one of the first to implement parametric modeling in designing high-rises, technology he researched at the MIT Media Lab while working on the City Car project with General Motors and Frank Gehry.

Victor is an avid mountain climber and is certified in both glacial and rock climbing. He has climbed some of the tallest mountains in North America, including Pico de Orizaba (18,500’), Iztaccihuatl (17,159’), Rainier (14,417’), Grand Teton (13,775’).

Alexander Alishoev portrait

Alexander Alishoev, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Alex has over 30 years of experience in the software industry, the last 15 years as a senior-level manager. He is managing all aspects of design, development and hosting of Remedly cloud based solutions for Medical Practices. Before joining Remedly, he managed development for Versaic’s big-scale web applications (Grants, Donations, Sponsorships, Vendor and Sustainability Management) on cloud platforms. Prior to this, he was a Director of Engineering at IAS, the global leader in data-enabled equipment management and tracking services for the container transport industry, supervising several distributed development and QA teams in US, India and Russia. Prior to this, Alex was a Senior Manager of Development, Policy Management, and Corporate Systems at Esurance, responsible for all aspects of development and supported of a major part of Esurance’s high-traffic website that generated over $800M in annual sales.

Previously, as a Senior Developer at PeopleSoft, Alex created complex enterprise-class user interfaces. He was one of the key developers at Actuate, a successful enterprise business intelligence company generating over $100M in sales. Alex holds a Ph.D. degree in Applied Mathematics from Moscow Research and Development Institute of Electrical Thermal Equipment.

Alex is a certified scuba-diving instructor, likes sailing, windsurfing and downhill skiing.

Susan Reed portrait

Susan Reed

Director of Customer Success

With a depth of experience working with large-scale enterprises such as eBay, Genentech, Disney and Dolby and leading Customer Success teams, Susan is thrilled to apply her skill set within healthcare to improve practice efficiency and their patient interactions! She is driven to ensure our clients fully maximize on their software investment, understanding and benefitting from the breadth of our feature sets and the value they bring. As a California transplant of over 30 years, Susan enjoys outdoor activities (skiing, scuba, biking, and hiking), adventure travel, wine tasting, and entertaining with friends and family!

A word from our CEO

Remedly is smarter technology that can improve patient care while making private practices profitable.

We take pride in our work, inspire others to excel, and are dedicated to solving tough problems in healthcare. We hold ourselves to the highest standards. And we work with urgency because what we do matters.

Board of advisors

A group of highly-respected physicians who have walked in your shoes. They guide the Remedly team in understanding the challenges providers and their staff face every day.

Howard Maibach portrait

Howard Maibach, MD

Professor, Department of Dermatology, UCSF

Dr. Howard Maibach is an expert in contact and occupational dermatitis and sees patients at the Environmental Dermatosis Clinic, which is part of the Dermatology Clinic. His specialty is dermatotoxicology, or skin exposure toxicity; allergies and skin disorders; and dermatopharmacology or the study of medications for skin disorders.

Dr. Maibach has been on the editorial board of more than 30 scientific journals and is a member of 19 professional societies including the American Academy of Dermatology, San Francisco Dermatological Society and the Internal Commission on Occupation Health. He is a professor in the Department of Dermatology at UCSF.

Eric F. Bernstein portrait

Eric F. Bernstein, MD, MSD

Director of Laser Surgery and Cosmetic Dermatology Centers Main Line Center for Laser Surgery (Ardmore, PA)

Dr. Eric Bernstein is one of the world’s leading experts on laser medicine and surgery. Dr. Bernstein has over 20 issued and pending patents for laser technology, both within the U.S. and worldwide. He sits as the Chairman of the Candela Laser Corporation Medical Advisory Board, is on the Medical Advisory Board for Coolsculpting® and Solta, Inc. the makers of the Fraxel laser group of products and was integral in developing many of the protocols for lasers in use throughout the world. As a result of Dr. Bernstein’s research and development work, he often is among the very first in the world to utilize new laser applications for patient treatment.

Dr. Bernstein has been featured on the cover of the New York Times and interviewed for stories on 20/20, CNN, NBC, and NPR among others. Dr. Bernstein has also trained hundreds of physicians in the proper use and application of lasers in medicine.

Jason Bloom portrait

Jason Bloom, MD

Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon at Main Line Center for Laser Surgery

Dr. Jason D. Bloom is an award winning, Ivy-League trained, double board- certified facial plastic & reconstructive surgeon. His extensive experience and reputable training provide the foundation for his excellent technical skills and surgical aesthetic. He is dedicated to the treatment of patients with both cosmetic concerns and reconstructive problems of the head and neck.

Dr. Bloom is one of the few surgeons in the country who has gone through the most rigorous and prestigious training, including board certification from the American Board of Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery and a fellowship and board certification with the American Board of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Bloom has comprehensive experience in face lifting, rhinoplasty, ear surgery, eyelid rejuvenation, brow and forehead aesthetic surgery as well as extensive training in non-surgical treatments including Botox, injectable fillers, and laser therapies. Dr. Bloom has authored over 25 journal articles and book chapters, and has given numerous presentations at national and international conferences.

Ashish Bhatia portrait

Ashish Bhatia, MD, FAAD

Chairman – Department of Dermatology at Dupage Medical Group

Dr. Ashish Bhatia is a board-certified and fellowship-trained dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon. He is an internationally recognized expert in dermatologic surgery and cosmetic surgery. His expertise includes facial and body aesthetic surgery, skin cancer therapy, Mohs and reconstructive surgery, laser surgery, and skin resurfacing procedures including scar reduction and revision. Dr. Bhatia has contributed to the advancement of techniques in facial reconstruction, scar revision, fat reduction, and the use of purified neurotoxins and fillers.

He has published extensively in journals and textbooks, and is a sought-after teacher, speaker, and instructor both nationally and internationally. Through his clinical research, publications, public service initiatives, and the use of innovative technologies for instruction, Dr. Bhatia has made a broad range of intellectual and practical contributions to the fields of dermatology and dermatologic surgery.

Todd E. Schlesinger portrait

Todd E. Schlesinger, MD, FAAD, FASMS

Founder and Medical Director, Dermatology & Laser Center of Charleston; Clinical Research Center of the Carolinas (Charleston, SC)

Dr. Todd E. Schlesinger is a board-certified Dermatologist, Dermasurgeon and Cosmetic Dermatologist. He is the Medical Director of the Dermatology & Laser Center of Charleston and Fellow, American Society of Mohs Surgery. Dr. Schlesinger is also the President-Elect of the South Carolina Medical Association.

In private practice since 1998, he has extensive experience in all aspects of laser and light-based therapies, having worked with many of these technologies since they were introduced. As founder of the Clinical Research Center of the Carolinas, he actively participates in clinical trials of new and existing therapies and devices. He has a reputation of being one of the most formidable Mohs surgeons in the low country. In fact, he was chosen “Top Doctor” by his peers. Dr. Schlesinger plays an active role as an advocate for patients and for the betterment of medicine as a whole by continuing to contribute his time to many types of research and development. He lectures regularly for national pharmaceutical and device manufacturers and regularly appears on local television programs and as a Guest or Contributing Author in various magazines, discussing the many aspects of professional skincare.

Christopher Zachary portrait

Christopher Zachary, MD

Professor and Chair, Department of Dermatology at the University of California, Irvine (Irvine, CA)

Dr. Zachary is a dermatologist specializing in cutaneous oncology and reconstruction, cosmetic and laser surgery. He is frequently featured as an invited speaker at national and international symposia and is often sought out by the media (e.g., NY Times, CNN, Today Show) for his candid comments.

His interest in lasers has led to considerable industry-supported research in optimal systems for cutaneous laser surgery. He has been the program director for the Mohs College and the American Society for Laser Surgery and Medicine annual meetings. He is a Past President of the Association of Academic Dermatologic Surgeons. He is an educational innovator, having founded both and co-founded He has written and edited his share of papers and books.

Sagar Patel portrait

Sagar Patel, MD

Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon at Sagar Patel Aesthetics

Dr. Sagar Patel is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon practicing in Beverly Hills, CA. He has grown a solo aesthetic practice from ground level using the Remedly platform from the first day.

Dr. Patel is board certified through the American Board of Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery and has a fellowship and board certification with the American Board of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Patel’s aesthetic practice focuses focuses on “Sagar Sculpting” through chin and jawline liposuction, buccal fat removal, rhinoplasty and non-surgical interventions like fillers. Dr. Patel is also one of very few surgeons worldwide who specifically specializes in ear pinning or otoplasty. Finally, Dr. Patel is an avid participant in the med tech space where he serves as an advisor and creative to multiple companies that are innovating new products for healthcare advancement.

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