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Cloud-based Electronic Health Record and Revenue Cycle Management Software

Remedly EHR example pages: calendar and patient record
Claim page in Remedly RCM

Easy to use, it allows you to distribute your time wisely and focus more on your patients and less on administrative work. Our notification system alerts you immediately if anything needs your attention. Confirm and reschedule appointments and manage audit logs easily with just a couple of clicks. Keep your practice organized and grow your revenue with our powerful integrated EHR and Billing systems.

Why All-in-one is perfect for non-MD specialities

Remedly is a highly customizable platform, which makes it a fit for a wide range of specialties. Whether you’re a small practice just starting up or an experienced entrepreneur with multiple locations — we’ve got you covered.

  • Our powerful calendar helps keep electronic medical records organized and manage your team’s working hours.
  • Remedly is designed in accordance with HIPAA compliancy regulations, which allows you to share data with staff and patients safely and conveniently.
Remedly EHR Calendar for 3 providers filled up with appointments
Mental health encounter page example

Create your perfect workflow

  • Enjoy handling the workflow of your in-person, phone, and virtual appointments all in one place.
  • Save time and effort with our pre-made and custom encounter note templates and patient-facing forms.
  • Based on the appointment type, alter these forms to make your practice effective and convenient.

How else will Remedly benefit my practice?

Patient record in Remedly EHR

Remedly billing — digitize your paper medical records

Customize your Electronic Medical Record templates to meet your practice needs and fill them out just as quickly, if not quicker, as the paper ones. Before starting an encounter note, the system asks you to select a template from your library to perfectly fit the needs of the appointment. The data you’ve submitted then auto transfers to the patient’s history and the appointment bill. To proceed with this bill, simply click on its number to go to the Remedly RCM system.

Easy integration with Remedly EHR

With our integrated RCM software, you will not be required to enter your data multiple times — your encounter notes will already be there. Update your price list promptly with our Charge Fee Schedule. Stay on top of your claims, remittances, and run reports to always be one step ahead of your finances.

Export data from your EHR

With Remedlyit’s easy to export all data from your EHR to save your valuable time and prioritize work that matters. We’ll help transfer your data to make sure your onboarding is easy and smooth.

Easy access across all devices

  • Built on the cloud from the ground up.
  • Access your account anywhere from any web-enabled device, with state-of-the-art security protocols.
  • Painless regular updates, available instantly with no downtime.
  • No server means no maintenance costs, IT or backup costs.

See for yourself how Remedly's one-app solution can transform your practice