Our customer base is universal in terms of size of business, maturity or specialization. We are catering to the needs of different types of customers to evolve our product and make it fit for any possible requirements or needs of the time. Our product is both driven by inner requirements of the industry (doctors’ needs) as well as by outer factors (e.g., need to be HIPAA-compliant).

Tightly integrated with our flagship EHR platform is the Revenue Cycle Management solution. The RCM enables claims management for insurance billing which can be handled in-house or through our partner solution. Other integrations provide merchant services and e-prescribing. We also offer two way texting and advanced analytics options.

By law our customers own their own data, so we will support the smooth and secure transition of data if needed.

Remedly is highly-configurable software which is constantly evolving to meet current demand. With an intuitive interface and being feature rich, it significantly improves workflows and insights for our customers.

Remedly is both a cloud and a module-based solution. Accessible via any browser on any device, users are not required to download an app for access. While highly configurable, you can also add modules as needed to optimize your pricing tier.

Remedly’s EHR is designed for access via any browser, thus the only crucial factor for operability is a steady Internet connection. Our platform functions on both desktops and mobile devices as well as on both Macs and PCs.

Remedly’s EHR covers a wide range of specialties, including:

  • Medspa
  • Plastic Surgery 
  • Mental Health
  • Chiropractic
  • and many others!


We offer two modules to improve patient engagement:

marketing module and patient portal.Marketing module can be employed to segment your audience (gender, location, age, procedure or any other filtering) and target your outreach to your patients.

Patient portal enables HIPPA-compliant communication, appointment requests, viewing before and after photos, appointment prep, online consultations/followups, bill paying, and more.

Remedly + 360 Payments

Integration with this payment system allows your patients to make swift and secure payments and your practice to retain their credit card on file. Patients can also pay for their outstanding balance online. 360 Payments vows to meet or beat your current processor’s rates!

Remedly + Square 

In order for payment processing and Remedly’s intelligent analytics to form a synergy, enabling retail sales and practice growth, you should have an account with a merchant service called Square. The activation is super-easy. With this integration in place, you can securely retain a patient’s credit card information, revitalize your operations and make check out procedures a new pleasant experience for your valued customers and front desk staff. 

Square integration also provides credit card on file and online balance payment while providing a streamlined checkout process.

Remedly + Global Payments

This merchant service integration deploys best-in-class technology to solve your most complex payment processing problems at any scale.

Global Payments and Remedly help you simplify admin so you can spend more time delivering quality care.
Remedly + DrFirst
To supply your practice with a superb e-prescription tool and convenient medication management solutions we are working in a partnership with DrFirst -the leader in this field. Integration with DrFirst software improves your e-prescribing experience and your patients’ service satisfaction.

Absolutely! We are interested in learning about your practice needs and seeing how we can address them. Book a demo with us to explore our extensive features and functionality and see how Remedly can streamline your practice.

We are continuously improving our existing modules as well as developing new ones.

As a cloud-based solution, Remedly updates are provided to your practice automatically. You will be notified of each release as well as information on what’s new and changed.

No we do not charge for system updates.

We provide the following standard reports as part of our platform: – Financial reports including daily close reports, inventory details, and accounts receivable. – Appointment reports including by treatment, by status, and percentage of appointment time used. – Procedure reports including upcoming surgeries, treatment price list, and prepaid packages.

Implementation timelines vary depending on the complexity of your needs but on average take around one month. A smaller practice with minimal complexity may take 1-2 weeks while a larger organization may take 4-6 weeks. You can either do self-onboarding or work via a Customer Success Manager to guide you through the process. In the latter case, we will move at your pace, providing our progressive trainings to fit your personal schedule.

If you choose to work with a Customer Success Manager, they will provide your team with training sessions to learn your configuration options and think through what is optimal for your practice’s needs. Your CSM continues to work with your team post launch to ensure you are using Remedly optimally.

We will work with your team to migrate as much of your current data to our EHR as possible. Migration success depends on the data formatting and hygiene.

Yes, which makes us more flexible in terms of product development. Your feedback helps us evolve to better meet the needs of the marketplace, and you!