Revenue Cycle Management

Boost revenue while streamlining operations.

Simplify your billing, revenue collection, and insurance claim processing.

Remedly’s Revenue Cycle Management tools and services are designed to manage all payments, minimize errors, and provide an easy convent tool for patients to use. Whether it's on site, at an event, or online, integrate all your payments using one system. Remedly also comes with built-in reporting for unlimited analytics. It's like having a CFO in your pocket.

Bradley Stephan, MD

Tampa, FL

Stephan Surgical Arts

Easy to use; POS integration; highly customizable; fantastic customer service.

Quoting & Invoicing

  • Extensive templating of most common treatment quotes
  • Integration with inventory management
  • Patient electronic signatures
  • Integration with insurance billing
  • Over-the-counter product sale invoicing

Payments & Refunds

  • Apply payments to any outstanding invoices
  • Easily issue full or partial payment refunds on previously collected payments
  • Automate insurance claims processing and collection

Pre-Paid Packages

  • Create custom pre-paid packages containing treatments and/or products to help grow patient loyalty
  • Monitor how packages are depleted to decide on the most optimal combination of treatments and products
  • Create detailed reports

Claims Management

  • Instantly verify patient healthcare insurance eligibility before providing the service
  • Electronically submit insurance claims to payers
  • View real-time status of submitted claims

Treatment Subscriptions

  • Create personalized subscriptions for patients interested in repeat treatments
  • Grow patient loyalty and practice revenue
  • Retain 100% of the revenue (not including standard credit card processing fees)


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