Revenue Cycle Management

Simplify your billing, revenue collection, and insurance claim processing

Remedly’s Revenue Cycle Management tools and services are designed to manage all payments, minimize errors, and provide an easy convenient tool for patients to use. Whether it’s on site, at an event, or online, integrate all your payments using one system. Remedly also comes with built-in reporting for unlimited analytics. It’s like having a CFO in your pocket.

Remedly RCM example pages: claim, patient record and advanced analytics

Easy to use; POS integration; highly customizable; fantastic customer service.

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Bradley Stephan, MD at Surgical Arts
Tampa, FL

Not all medical billing software can meet your specific needs. What makes Remedly different? We offer cloud-based medical billing solution for practices of all sizes and stages of development. Our electronic medical billing software integrates with the EHR and helps maintain accurate patient information, ensure data security, address business goals, improve interactions, increase efficiency, and decrease the probability of inaccurate billing. 

In collaboration with domain experts Remedly identified and eliminated usual bottlenecks during the insurance billing process from claim creation to submission. Practitioners can now concentrate more on their patients and less time worrying about the status of claims as our system makes it easy to track where the claim is.  

A remittance in Remedly RCM
A bill in Remedly RCM

Successful Merchant Services and POS Integration

To help your practice operate more efficiently, the RCM has built-in integration with different Merchant Services Vendors that best meet your practice needs. In addition, integrated POS enables patients to pay for services online, save a credit card on file, and keep a record of all transactions in both the EHR and RCM. On top of that with Remedly’s RCM  you will be able to generate bills and email them to patients for payment with just one click 

Medical Billing

With Remedly’s Medical Billing you can easily view, manage, analyze and control your bills. This is what you’ll have access to with Remedly Medical Billing:

See for yourself how Remedly RCM solution can transform your practice

Remedly is the ideal solution for billers looking to eliminate administrative tasks while maximizing revenue