Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Finally, patient records made easy.

Spend more time with your patients instead of their charts.

Remedly's smart EHR is the result of close collaborations with multiple providers from large, medium, and small practices. With their help, Remedly has made charting efficient, specialty-specific, and most importantly, easy to use. Quickly enter information using short-hand .dot phrases. Simply begin typing and fill in the chart with pre-scripted text.

Jason Bloom, MD

Director of Facial Plastic Surgery

Main Line Center for Laser Surgery

Once my practice upgraded to Remedly, it was an eye-opening experience to see how easy the most challenging day-to-day tasks became.


  • Customize your templates and sketch tool to expedite charting patient visits and procedure note writing
  • Instant access to previous patient treatment notes
  • Auto-charting from key words
  • Sketch on patient photos and avatars
  • Physical exams and Review of Systems
  • Patient visit summary
  • Integration with billing and inventory
  • Electronic provider signature
  • ICD-10 ready

Patient History

  • Comprehensive and customizable medical history
  • Instant access to past and future patient engagements


  • Prescribe controlled substance medications directly from your Remedly account to more than 60,000 pharmacies nationwide

Photo Management

  • Easily capture and manage patient Before & After treatment photos from tablets or professional cameras
  • Filter photos by treatment type
  • Securely access your entire photo library from anywhere
  • Assign various attributes to easily filter photos



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