Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Finally, patient records made easy

Our EHR is intended to assure compliance with The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) in order to safeguard patient data. The system is intended to provide comprehensive coverage for all EMR-related issues and concerns. This ensures total privacy, the security of patient data, and the smooth handling of complaints.

Remedly EHR example pages: patient record, calendar and encounter
Patient record in Remedly EHR

Spend more time with your patients instead of their charts

Remedly’s smart EHR is the result of close collaborations with multiple providers from large, medium, and small practices. With their help, Remedly has made charting efficient, specialty-specific, and most importantly, easy to use. Quickly enter information using short-hand .dot phrases. Simply begin typing and fill in the chart with pre-scripted text.

Remedly EHR is tailored for various specialties

Mental health encounter page example

Everything to boost your practice profitability and patient satisfaction

  • In-depth functionality such as scheduling, invoicing, electronic medical records, inventory management and capability to access Remedly from anywhere.
  • Interoperable modules including Practice Management, Patient Portal, eCommerce Marketing, Analytics and Reports, Revenue Cycle Management, and Insurance Billing. 
  • Customizable templates adaptable to any medical practice, including plastic surgery, mental health, chiropractic, primary care/internal medicine EMR. 
  • Intelligent tools for managing patient visits without losing patient involvement and automating time-consuming tasks like patient consent forms.  
  • HIPAA-compliance with high-grade encryption and physically secure cloud servers, plus the ability to set up staff permissions levels and secured logins. 

Remedly saves valuable office time, provides secure communication between patients and their providers and allows to increase patient engagement. Plus, it’s user-friendly.

Remedly EHR features

Patient record in EHR

Safety & confidentiality

Enable secure and reliable patient records to deliver superior experiences and build your reputation. Your patients will be able to self-schedule, complete consent forms and medical history. 

Once my practice upgraded to Remedly, it was an eye-opening experience to see how easy the most challenging day-to-day tasks became.

Jason Bloom portrait

Jason Bloom, MD, Director of Facial Plactic Surgery
Main Line Center for Laser Surgery

Remedly calendar with color coding for appointments

Our powerful calendar helps keep electronic medical records organized and manage your team’s working hours. Easy to use, it allows you to confirm and reschedule appointments and manage audit logs with just a couple of clicks. Designed in accordance with HIPAA compliancy regulations, Remedly EHR allows you to share data with staff and patients safely and conveniently.

See for yourself how Remedly's one-app solution can transform your practice