Billing Software to Optimize Your Medical Claim Management

Running a medical practice presents challenges; heavy workloads, diminished patient contact time, financial management and tightening regulations around data reporting. You will not be surprised that Merritt Hawkins’ 2018 study1 revealed, 78% of physicians experience feeling burned out, while 80% recognise they are working at maximum capacity or are overstretched. The result is poor staff retention, weak financial performance and compromised patient outcomes.

Billing Bottlenecks

For many medical practices, life could be a lot easier but there just isn’t the time or head-space to ‘see the wood for the trees’. Physicians report that they lose valuable hours trying to manage the billing process. Resolving technical issues, dealing with the claims process, queries and errors all waste time and cause frustration. The entire process is susceptible to bottlenecks that ultimately delay or prevent successful payment.

When billing software is inadequate or is not fully integrated with EHRs, mistakes happen, and will keep happening. Patient information may not be kept up-to-date and is at greater risk of data breaches. Staff-patient and inter-staff interactions are slower, billing inaccuracies are more frequent and claims fail. 

KPIs, Measuring Success

What if the billing process was taken care of for you? If you regained that time? How would that impact you and your practice? How could your patients benefit? 

Typical KPIs to measure success are:

  • Speed
  • Successful completion rate
  • Claim denial rate
  • Time waiting for payments to arrive at the practice
  • First-Pass acceptance rate

A Billing Solution That Works

Remedly is fully integrated with your EHR. From the POS (Point of Service), the software manages claims from initial submission to completion. The system was created with a full understanding of the laws surrounding medical care and record keeping and keeps abreast with changes in the law as they occur. It is intelligently designed to manage all payments and professional claims as well as unique, one-off tasks alongside recurring, complete management of practice finances. Remedly is easy to use for patients as well as staff on-site or remotely, payments are seamlessly integrated. The extensive reporting tool can provide analytics for any data you choose, tailored reports generated on-demand. 

Remedly offers a complete solution:

  • Improve billing accuracy
  • Comprehensive understanding of relevant laws
  • Scalable for any medical practice
  • Prevents loss of revenue
  • Quicker and easier communications 
  • Peace-of-mind that data is secure
  • No need to out-source to a separate business  

Remedly provides all the tools needed to run a medical practice beside the HCPs. The immediate effect for practitioners is more time, less stress and an increased number of happy clients. 

Tips to Improve Claims Management

Remedly supports medical practices across the United States. Our team is available to support you and your practice for a healthier future. We recommend practices take the following steps for every claim:

  1. Enter all exchanges electronically as they happen
  2. Submit claims on the day the superbill is received
  3. Monitor each claim and address any issues quickly
  4. Aim for a successful first claim, subsequent claims have a reduced chance of success
  5. Understand requirements of each payer to prevent claim denials
  6. Check the POS collection rate 

Learn how Remedly could work for you!